Oscar Wilde: the Complete Interviews

Edited by Rob Marland

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About Oscar Wilde: The Complete Interviews
This complete collection of Oscar Wilde’s interviews gives readers the opportunity to hear one of history’s greatest conversationalists in full flow. Newspaper interviewers repeatedly sought Wilde out for his “Oscarisms” – his trademark witty phrases – as well as his views on topics ranging from poetry to politics, and acting to architecture. The vast majority of Wilde’s interviews have never been reprinted since the nineteenth-century, and until now many have been unknown even to Wilde scholars. All 230 of Wilde’s known interviews are transcribed in this comprehensively annotated collection.

Volume One contains an introduction and the 1880–1882 interviews (502 pages, 15 B&W images). Volume Two contains the 1883–1900 interviews, over fifty interviews about Wilde by his contemporaries, burlesque interviews, other articles of interest, a list of as yet untraced interviews, and an index covering both volumes (440 pages, 8 B&W images). Interviews not in the English language are given in their original languages and as new English translations.

Can the books be purchased elsewhere?
At this time the books are only available from Amazon.

Note on hardcover availability
Amazon has not yet made hardcover copies available in all markets. If hardcover copies are not available in your market, you may be able to purchase them from another market. Hardcover and paperback versions have identical content.

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